Norbert Taphorn
Autarsys GmbH
Autarsys GmbH

Norbert Taphorn is Sales & Project Engineer at Autarsys GmbH.

Norbert Taphorn is an expert in technical and commercial aspects of renewable energy solutions. He holds a diploma in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. He started his career with the development of PV-inverters at SMA (Kassel). From 1997 he was shareholder of Norbert Taphorn GmbH and was responsible for sales and installation of PV-plants between 5kWp and 1.000kWp (installed ~25MWp) and thermal solar (installed ~ 5.000m²). 

In 2012, he joined KACO new energy as a technical advisor for the development for the PV-Battery-Hybrid project “Leuchtturmprojekt Weinsberg”. 25 households, 145 kW of PV power, one central battery and several thermal storages: The Weinsberg pilot project shows that full energy supply with photovoltaics is possible.

In 2015, he moved to Conergy Global Solutions and was responsible for the installation of more than 350 small PV-plants (3kWp – 30kWp) in a German lease model. Also bigger storage solutions he has to develop there.

Since 2016, Norbert works at Autarsys GmbH in Berlin as a sales and project engineer for battery storage solutions.

Norbert will be speaking within the Technical Knowledge Theatre at the GPEX Exhibition.

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