Lucia Dolera
Project Coordinator for Europeo iDistributedPV
APPA Renewables

Lucía Dólera is a Chemical Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in the Spanish PV Sector. Most of her professional career has been related with the National Photovoltaic Associations, those years have allowed Lucía to become one of the most known faces in the Solar Sector in Spain. She has a very precise knowledge of the industry, both at a regulatory and technical level. She has been directly involved in the success of several European projects like PV Legal and PV Grid. Since 2017 she works for APPA Renovables, the most important association of renewables in Spain, where she manages the European project iDistributedPV, a joint effort of 12 different companies and associations from 6 different European Members.

iDistributedPV, solutions for distributed PV integration in the EU

iDistributedPV is an international project funded by the European Union under the H2020 programme. It started in September 2017 and the duration will be 30 months. It is being developed by a European consortium composed of twelve partners from six European countries: Spain, Germany, Greece, Poland, Lithuania and Italy. The project coordinator is APPA Renovables (Spanish Renewable Energy Association) from Spain.

Lucía Dólera will be speaking within the Technical Knowledge Theatre at the GPEX 2018 Exhibition.

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