Keith Pullen
Professor or Energy Systems

Keith Pullen is Professor of Energy Systems at City University of London and Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow.

He has conducted research and development into high speed electrical and turbo machines and their applications since 1986. He has previously held academic posts positions at Imperial College London and during his early career worked at Rolls-Royce and the oil and gas sector. He has co-founded four spin out companies over his career, the latest Gyrotricity focussing on low cost steel laminated flywheels supported by a Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Current and recent grants and contracts include LoCoFlyer, the development of a flywheel for rail application funded by RSSB , Vehicle Electric Vehicle Systems funded by EPSRC, Low cost electric flywheel, Selective Laser Melting for Engines both funded by InnovateUK and Electric supercharging funded by AVL. He has undertaken engineering consultancy work for over 15 companies including BP, Red Bull F1, Mercedes Benz F1 HPP. He manages a group of 7 research staff and PhDs and experimental laboratory facilities for high speed machines and is an author on over 100 papers in international journals and conferences with 27 patents granted or pending.

Keith Pullen will be speaking within the Technical Knowledge Theatre at GPEX 2018 Exhibition.

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