innogy SE is an established European energy company. With its three business areas of Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail, it is well equipped for the work ahead in a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world. innogy wants to offer its existing and potential customers innovative and sustainable products and services to help them use energy more efficiently and improve their quality of life.

A leading European distribution system operator
The distribution systems form the backbone of the energy transition. The grids play a key role in integrating weather-dependent and intermittently generated renewables (like wind or solar power) and the output of decentralised generators to ensure security of supply.

Four fifths of the innogy distribution system currently consist of power lines and one fifth of gas pipelines. The system currently spans five countries – making innogy the biggest electricity grid operator in Germany by our calculations. The company is dedicated to developing so-called “smart grids” or efficient and intelligent monitoring and control systems. To ensure power and gas continue to arrive at the point where energy is needed at any given time, innogy intends to keep investing in expansion and modernisation of grid infrastructure.