Elena González Sánchez
Managing Director

Elena Gonzalez Sanchez is the Managing Director of ANESE (Spanish National ESCO Association).

Elena is an expert on the energy industry and on business and large programmes management, more specifically in the areas of renewable, energy efficiency and energy management.

Elena provides more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector, mainly in gas & electricity companies. Leading expert in energy systems management and energy efficiency, she has held positions from consultant to managing director, in areas of environment, energy commercialization, energy efficiency and sustainability, renewable, ICT's (smartgrids, smartsolutions) and transportation with alternative fuels.

ANESE is the national association of the ESCO industry that has the mission to help on the development of the energy services market in order to impact on the direct strategic interest of its members. ANESE joins the efforts of 100 ESCOs in Spain.
Elena is Associate Professor Associate Professor of the School of Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Highlighting the creation and managing direction of Energylab, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Technology Centre from which we have established regional policies in energy issues, we have promoted the penetration of new energy efficiency technologies and have arrived at agreements with institutions in United States and Japan.

Previously she has been working for Gas Natural Fenosa as Director of the Mobility Energy Business Unit where she was able to lunch and operate a Compress Natural Gas Station for the EMT (Public Transportation Company of the Madrid City). It is the biggest one in Europe, 180 GWh/year of consumption, 7 Million€ of investment and 30% economical savings.
She has been the Director of Strategic planning and development of Energy Commercial Information Systems of Union Fenosa Group where it was implemented the most advanced commercial strategies on customer service, billing and smart technologies during the energy market liberalization.

She has a Bachelor degree in Physical Sciences, Applied Physics speciality at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and a Managing Direction Programme, PDG at IESE Business School, Specialist in energy and environment Degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Diploma in international trade at Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Marketing Management Degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Master in Information Systems Business at WANG Europe in Brussels, Belgium. Member of several boards of directors and co-author of two books: “Radioactivity Waste Management” and “Technology, Economy and Regulation of the Energy Industry”.

Elena is a speaker on the Technical Knowledge Theatre within the GPEX Exhibition.

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