Andrew Crossland Phd
Energy Storage & Microgrid Engineer

Dr. Andrew Crossland is an expert in cross-disciplinary working on energy projects and on energy storage. He sits happily between engineering, finance, sales, operations and management. In 2015, he founded MyGridGB which charts the energy transition in the UK and some of the amazing changes happening in electricity. His PhD was the first study of battery energy storage across an entire distribution network and his results, presented to Parliament, showed how hundreds of millions of pounds of saving could be found for energy networks through deploying energy storage. His work predicted the Telsa Powerwall.

For two and a half years he was the Energy Storage Specialist at Solarcentury where he helped bring:

  • the first domestic solar and battery storage offer with IKEA and the first battery storage, solar and electric car offer with Nissan
  • the three biggest batteries in East Africa, including two microgrids in Eritrea
  • the first carbon neutral store in the UK and huge behind the meter batteries

Andrew now works at Infratec in New Zealand on energy projects from remote parts of the mainland to South Pacific island nations.