Dr. Amela Ajanovic
Associate Professor & Senior Research Scientist, Energy Economics Group
Vienna University of Technology

Dr. Amela Ajanovic is Associate Professor and Senior Research Scientist at Energy Economics Group at Vienna University of Technology. She holds a master degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in energy economics at Vienna University of Technology.

She is responsible for research, teaching, project acquisition and scientific coordination in the area of energy economics with a focus on sustainable transport. Her main research interests are alternative fuels and alternative automotive technologies, energy and transport policies as well as transition to a sustainable energy system and long-term energy scenarios. She has been involved in several national and international research projects related to these topics. In 2006 she worked for International Energy Agency in Paris on World Energy Outlook, chapter on biofuels. In 2009 she was guest lecturer and researcher at the Technical University of Prague, and in 2010 guest researcher at Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. She has authored more than 50 papers and journal articles. She is also a lecturer and faculty member of the MSc Program “Renewable Energy Systems”.

Dr. Amela Ajanovic is a speaker within the Technical Knowledge Theatre, located within the GPEX 2018 Exhibition.

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