Technical expertise and specialist knowledge theatres

Dedicated zones within the exhibition will house two specialist Technical Knowledge Theatres, providing access to proven and practical examples of successful projects and case studies, which have already deployed new technologies, processes and business models.

Technical Programme Speakers include:
Generation, Distribution & Storage Strategies
Technical Theatre 1 - Showcasing innovative generation & storage technologies

The Distribution, Generation & Storage Strategies technical knowledge theatre located on the exhibition floor, will focus on innovative generation and storage technologies to drive the energy transition towards a cleaner, more reliable and distributed energy system.

Presentations from experts in the energy and power industry will explore generation themes such as gas-to-power, renewable energy technologies and hybrid power plants. Innovative storage technologies will be addressed too, with power-to-gas solutions, electrical and thermal energy storage, battery production and integration to the electricity grid.

Who should attend?

  • Utilities
  • Regulators and policy makers
  • Investors
  • Project developers
  • Power generation technology 
  • Distributed energy solution providers
  • Energy storage technology manufacturers
  • Sustainability solutions consultants
  • Energy infrastructure firms
Energy Efficiency & Network System Evolution
Technical Theatre 2 - Addressing the evolution of the energy network

Addressing the evolution of the energy network, the technical knowledge theatre will explore the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for a more efficient, reliable and consumer-focused grid.

Energy and technology experts will give presentations covering smart grid technology, micro-grids, smart metering systems and IoT technology, grid analytics and IT/OT convergence, automation and smart sensors, blockchain technology and demand-response solutions.


Who should attend?

  • Utilities
  • Investors
  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
  • Retailers and aggregators
  • Power transmission technology providers
  • Smart grid solutions providers
  • Data & analytics solutions providers
  • Regulators and policy makers
  • Energy infrastructure firms 
Knowledge Theatre topics will include:
  • Maximising operation efficiency through asset performance management
  • Decentralised power plants a flexible building block to grid security
  • The future of battery storage
  • Energy management in the industrial environment optimising the plant or building of the future
  • Blockchain in the energy sector - opportunities and challenges
  • Digital and smart: a changing energy world
  • The role of hydrogen in the energy transition