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GPEX 2018 is not another international energy event, but it is the energy transition event. An energy transition process that is widely spread and advanced through an increasing number of countries around the world. I am fully convinced that GPEX will contribute to the global world energy transition process, and locally, it will give a strong momentum to a clean, sustainable and decentralized energy transition in Catalonia.
Assumpta Farran
Director, Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) Government of Catalonia
We expect GPEX 2018 to be a vibrant event where meaningful discussions can be made around the key role of the power sector in the energy transition, and where a specific roadmap for this transition can be designed so that we can win the fight against climate change.
Jorge Barredo
President, UNEF
Everybody's talking about the energy transition. We're doing it.
Isabelle Kocher
CEO, Engie