The Strategic Conference

 The Global Power & Energy Leaders’ Summit will see collaboration between international power and energy leaders, who will come together to address the theme of the energy transition, examining the long-term change in the way that energy is produced, distributed and consumed.


The Summit will look at the energy transition in terms of where we are today, what steps can be undertaken in the near-term and where we will be in the 2030-2050 timeline. Regulatory, legal and market design issues will be addressed across the energy chain – from generation, through the transmission and distribution system, to the end-user.

Attended by over 300 leaders, and featuring 50 top-level speakers from across the power and energy sector, the summit is designed to ensure you meet with multiple potential business partners and existing clients during two days of high-level learning and corporate networking.

Submit your abstract by 28th February 2018

Strategic Theme 1: Regulation and Legal Framework: Market Design and Investment
  • Regulatory Hurdles to Financing Renewables
  • Ensuring Transparency around CO2 emissions, ETS and Subsidies
  • Adapting Policy to Ease the Deployment of Storage
  • What is the Right Market Design to Ensure a Low-Carbon, Efficient and Secure Generating Mix?
  • Clean Energy Investment

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Strategic Theme 2: New Generating Strategies
  • Adopting New Business Models
  • Integrating Renewables into the Generating Portfolio
  • What Form Will Distributed Generation Take? (e.g. Renewables, CHP, Storage)
  • Examining the Business Case for Storage as Part of the Generating Portfolio
  • Electro-Mobility, Aggregators
  • How to Ensure Security of Supply
  • What is the Role of Conventional, Centralised Generation in the Future?
  • How to Extract Value from Existing Assets, including Strategies such as the Growing Role of Digitalisation; Cyber Security
  • If the Global Strategy is to Achieve an Energy System for the EU which is 100% Renewable by 2050, Who Will be the Main Players?
  • What Will be the Role of the Incumbents, Service Companies, and Who are the Potential New Stakeholders?

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Strategic Theme 3: The Future Energy Grid
  • Integrating Distributed Energy Resources and Renewables; The Role of Interconnectors, Smart Grids and Microgrids
  • Who Will Operate the System? TSOs, DSOs or New Agents With New Roles?
  • Investment to Avoid Stranded Asssets
  • Network Digitalisation to Aid the Transition
  • Cyber Security
  • Role of Energy Storage in Networks (e.g. Providing System Flexibility, Ancillary Services)
  • Building Flexibility Into the Grid
  • A World Without a Grid?
  • How Will Political Decisions Impact Grid System Development?
  • Aligning Regulation and Technology

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Strategic Theme 4: End-User Focus & Energy Efficiency
  • Enabling the Prosumer
  • Addressing Data Privacy and Security
  • Rolling Out Smart Meters
  • Customer Engagement
  • Delivering New Services
  • Demand Response Solutions
  • Role of the Aggregator
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Commercial & Industrial User Strategies

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Conference delegates are looking to:
  • Keep abreast of new legislative framework
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • Identify the most desirable and viable business models
  • Debate the new energy landscape, and long-term trends
  • Bring their business in line with government directives
  • Embrace the new technologies which will enable transition
Attendees and Keynote Speakers will include:
  • Ministers of energy
  • Utilities
  • Gas operators
  • Regulators
  • Energy agencies
  • Energy intensive users
  • Smart cities
  • IPPs
  • Ambassadors
  • Investors
  • Multilateral banks