Energy transition summit to present vision for the energy market of the future

The road to 2050, digitalisation of the energy sector, and financing the future of energy are three key themes of this year’s Global Power & Energy Leaders’ Summit, in Spain.

The business leaders’ summit at GPEX 2018, taking place alongside Gastech in Barcelona, Spain (17-20 September), will spearhead a more sustainable, low-carbon and smart energy system through its newly released conference programme agenda.
The modernisation of the energy system is taking place simultaneously with a shift to a low-carbon economy. With the increasingly central role of digital technologies, the power and energy industry need to adapt their business models and embrace innovation, within the new energy landscape, to remain competitive, become more efficient and adapt to the growing needs and demands of their customers.

To address the latest insights, findings and first-hand accounts, the strategic programme agenda at GPEX 2018 will address the latest opportunities and challenges of the energy transition across key themes including: Vision for the Energy Transition; Financing the Future of Energy; and The Digitalisation Era.

70 transition experts from international power and energy business will speak, including:

  • Agustín Delgado Martin, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, Iberdrola Group
  • Neil Chatterjee, Commissioner, US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Toshiro Kudama, Chief Power Development Officer, JERA Co., Inc.
  • Blanca Losada Martin, Chief Technology and Engineering Officer, Gas Natural Fenosa
  • Ulla Sandborgh, Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Svenska kraftnät
  • Thierry Lepercq, Executive Vice President in charge of Research & Technology and Innovation, ENGIE
  • Andrea Strachinescu, Head of Unit, New Energy Technologies, Innovation and Clean Coal, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Tejpreet S. Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Light & Power
  • Mark Radka, Chief Energy and Climate Branch, Economy Division, UN Environment (UNEP)

Speaker and co-host, Assumpta Farran, Director, Catalan Energy Institute, said: “This event gives us the possibility to gather a significant number of experts, as well as to share experiences and know-how on projects and policies developed. It will be interesting to discuss the role of energy aggregators that are the key actors to develop new business models based on demand management, to enhance the participation of citizens and solar energy communities in the electricity market.”

Day One: Vision for the Energy Future
Keynote addresses from high-level government and European Commission representatives, alongside energy business leaders, will set the scene for the global energy outlook and the road to 2050, examining how the global energy mix will shift and change over the next 30 years.

Senior representatives of leading energy companies who are proactively driving the transition to a low-carbon system, will outline their strategies and first-hand experiences. Speakers and delegates will discuss proactive regulation and policy: a critical step, necessary to ensure technological developments are not hindered by red tape and that the enabling environment supports the progress of clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Day Two: Financing the Future of Energy and New Business Model
Day Two will put the challenges of clean energy financing under the microscope, with an in-depth look at the way investors and financial institutions approach energy investment, and how the growing decentralisation of power will change the face of the industry in the coming decades. Gas and renewable companies are combining to drive the energy transition, and how these companies evolve and collaborate for a low-carbon economy, will be addressed.

Day Three: The Digitalisation Era
Day Three will explore what digitalisation means for the energy industry, and the latest unique business models being implemented by the utility community. Will utilities be virtual ones in 20 years? 
The Summit is an integral part of the Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX 2018) – which will showcase 200 exhibiting companies demonstrating the strategies and technologies needed to adapt to the energy transition.
Co-located with Gastech, these events will bring together 30,000 global power and energy industry professionals - government, commercial and industrial power users, gas operators, power producers and distributors, technology providers and renewable energy companies - to enhance the dialogue between the sectors that will play a significant role in the global energy transition.

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