Do you provide the technologies and innovations driving the energy transition?

Exhibit at the GPEX 2018 exhibition, alongside 100 international exhibiting companies, and demonstrate the latest technologies, products and solutions helping to shape the energy sector now, and in the years to come.

international attendees
global & regional exhibitors
energy transition speakers

The Global Power & Energy Exhibition features 100 exhibiting companies, alongside multiple country pavilions, to present a innovative and exciting showcase of the latest technologies that will support our future energy goals.

Alongside exhibiting companies, is a dedicated Technical Knowledge Theatre on the show floor - sponsored by Innogy - which will provide presentations on proven and practical projects and case studies which have already deployed new technologies, processes and business models.

Exhibit if you provide expertise, experience and technologies across these sectors:

Generation Strategies
  • Distributed Generation
  • Hybrid Power Plants
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Solar Technologies
  • Wind Technologies
  • Gas to Power
Network System Evolution
  • Smart Grid Technology
  • IoT Technology
  • Smart Metering Systems
  • Automation / Smart Sensors
  • Micro-Grids
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Interconnectivity
  • IT / OT Convergence
Demand-Side Solutions & Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Public Advocacy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Electric Mobility / Transportation
  • Emerging Market Solutions
Exhibition highlights
  • 100 International Exhibitors - demonstrating products, solutions and new enabling technologies, to support businesses seeking to adapt their business models to adjust to the energy transition.
  • Technical Knowledge Theatre - delivering daily thought-provoking sessions, discussing successful projects and practical case studies. 

  • Future Generation Zone - dedicated to promoting and discovering the disruptive technology of the future, from start-up businesses.

  • Facilitated Networking - enabling you to reach the right connections and prospects in a targeted and efficient way.

The 2018 Global Power and Energy Exhibition is extremely important and relevant in today’s environment. Following on from the Paris Climate Change Conference a few years ago, GPEX will allow all the players – electric companies, manufacturers and buyers to come together once again. We want to see the same commitment to GPEX in order to really promote and convince that we can achieve this target of 100% electric sector based on renewables.
Santiago Blanco
Director & Area Manager, DNV GL