Welcoming the new age of solar energy: Interview with ICAEN
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In late 2017 the Government of Catalonia approved the National Pact for the Energy Transition of Catalonia, promoting a drive towards a cleaner and sustainable energy model. With the Global Power and Energy Exhibition (GPEX) due to take place in Barcelona on 17-20 September, GPEX News spoke with Assumpta Farran, Director of ICAEN, Government of Catalonia and Chair of the GPEX Advisory Board.

Watch the full video interview to discover what technologies Ms Assumpta considers to be fundamental in the drive towards a low-carbon energy future.  

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Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX), taking place in Barcelona in September 2018, will showcase the strategies and technologies needed to adapt to the global energy transition.

GPEX will bring together the global power and energy community, including government, commercial and industrial power users, gas operators, power producers and distributors.