Gijsbert Huijink
Co-Founder and Member of Management Team
Som Energia

Gijsbert is one of the founders of Som Energia, Spain's first renewable energy cooperative in 2010. He has been involved in all stages of its rapid development. In 7 years Som Energia has grown to 42.000 members, 64.000 electricity contracts and an expected 2018 turnover of 45 m€. Around 50 people work in the office in Girona, Spain with hundreds of volunteers involved at various local support groups around the country. Together the members have invested over 10 m€ in new solar, hydro and biogas projects. Current responsibilities as part of the management team, are mainly related to new projects and strategic business development.

In early 2015, some small investments in off grid solar projects were done in India, with later projects in Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Palestine and Bangladesh, amongst others. All theses investments took place via a variety of local and international crowdfunding platforms. Gijsbert is board member and a (small) investor in Solaris Offgrid, a pay-as-you-go solar company.

Currently his main interest is in speeding up the energy transition worldwide. He sees a big role for citizen owned, distributed renewable energy and is eager to invest his time and money in those projects and countries where the biggest impact can be obtained.

Gijsbert will be speaking on Energy Efficiency and Growing Consumer Focus, on Day 2 of the GPEX Conference.

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